Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello all my Wonderful Friends!

I just wanted to apologize for being away...besides being a substitute teacher that has been really busy this Flu season...I unfortunately have been very ill this last week or so and ment to have tags done and a new one up! I am sorry! I have some new medication going right now and hopefully this one is gonna work!

I promise to have tags done this week and new ones up! I really hope I haven't let anyone down!


Thank you for continuing to follow me...and welcome to my new followers!


Bad Diva


  1. Awww hun aside from being missed a ton, don't worry about letting anyone down. You had legit reasons! Being sick SUCKS. And double sucks as your taking care of little ones by Miss you.

  2. Hey no worries --- I got wrapped up in other stuff. I was worried you'd ban me from your blog - cuz I hadn't checked back for me tags.

    I want you happy and healthy first. This can wait. You're more important =D