Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Tag Offer!

WOO HOO!! Here we are my pets...

My First tag offer! Hope everyone likes it! The first one goes to my Girl Jessica over at Gothic Inspirations! Go check out her blog! She has WICKED scrapkits and Tutorials over there! Me Loves Her Long Time!

Comment with the name you want on the tag...No huge, long names that won't fit!


  1. Thank you so much hunnie!! I've snagged mine!! Whooohoo, fab taggie!!

  2. ohhhh Cloe, can i please have one with Barb on it? or am i too late to ask? thank you darlin, what a fantastic tag!!!
    Barb aka Sirena

  3. You sure can doll! give me a few seconds and I will get it uploaded for you!

    P.S. Happy Birthday in advance :D

  4. Chloe - if your willing to oblige me - may I please please please have this tag. Stunning and pretty --- thank you - J-me