Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2nd Tag Offer!!

Yeah...yeah...I know there is not many out there viewing my blog...but I am in a tagging mood :)

Here is my new tag that I just finished a few minutes ago...hope you like it!

First one goes to Rebecca at Simplify, Beautify, Satisfy. She was the second person to follow my blog. Thank you Doll! (I can drop you the full size tag in tag delivery link...I keep having to shrink them to post on the blog)

Don't forget to make a comment to request one :)


  1. It's wicked hun. May I request one too please. Xox Jessica

  2. oh my gosh Chloe, i gotta have one of these. i love the broken mirror, its awesome!!!!! and i see Fred, Michael Meyers & Jason...woohooo! can i please have this with Barb on it? and i am following your blog, sticks my tongue out! haha love you so much,

  3. wow what an amazing tag,thanks so much for following me i'm following you back,can i have one of theses please with the name julie,thanks so much :)

  4. You rock- I am so happy to find tags with out flowers and lace! I would love 1 with Dita on it

  5. This makes my gore whore --- DROOL!!!!! oh please - oh Please --- Oooooo PLEASE may I have this one
    begging for this one ---
    Thank you with breathless kisses --- J-me